High Intensity Focused Ultrasound for Prostate Cancer

You do NOT have to lose your "sex life" after

prostate cancer treatment.

You do NOT have to have a "leaking bladder" after prostate cancer treatment.

No Radiation, No Surgery

Steps in Diagnosis and Treatment of Prostate Cancer

Early Diagnosis is Important

1) Get PSA every year starting at age 50

2) Start at age 40 if you have a family history of Prostate cancer or you are African American

3) If PSA is elevated, get a 4K Score blood test to determine if you have aggressive cancer

4) If PSA is elevated, and 4K score is High, get a multiparametric MRI (mp MRI will detect location of the cancer and direct where to biopsy)

5) Get Targeted Fusion Biopsy to reduce complications and improve accuracy of Biopsy


Consider HIFU as a treatment option to not lose erectile dysfunction and avoid leaking bladder

At HIFU Solution, helping men maintain their current lifestyle is our top priority. Prostate cancer affects more than 200,000 men each year, and the numbers are continuing to rise. The demographics of the aging US population is increasing the incidence of prostate cancers that are clinically significant. It is estimated that there were 44 Million men aged 65 in 2010 and this number will increase to 88 Million in the next 30 years. (Data from US Census Bureau). Wide spread use of PSA and paradigm shifts in prostate cancer management such as the 4K Score test, multiparametric MRI and image guided fusion biopsy have increased the diagnosis of early stage cancer. This is good news for men because now there are treatments such as HIFU that can cure early stage cancer without debilitating side effects.

Prostate cancer not only affects men, but their entire families as well. We strive to provide top quality care and treatment options. The Staff and physicians at HIFU Solution are friendly, knowledgeable, caring and professional. Our goal is to provide answers to patients and their families about prostate cancer diagnosis,the extent of disease, treatment options, and prognosis. We understand that this time can be overwhelming and we are here to help you move forward. There are many dilemmas facing families when deciding on options for treatment of prostate cancer. Apart from diagnosis, one of the major controversies facing patients and families is which prostate cancers need to be treated and which ones need to be left alone. (See controversies of prostate cancer).


This is because sometimes the side effects of treatment are worse than the disease. Radiation treats the entire prostate and robotic prostatectomy removes the entire prostate and seminal vesicles. Even if the doctor is careful the nerves of erection and continence can get damaged. Even if nerves are spared there is zero chance of ejaculation function after surgery. Many men are not aware of these issues. After the surgery it is too late to lament about  these side effects as they cannot be reversed. 


An ideal procedure is one that can treat one half or less of the prostate if indicated because the cancer is small and confined. A procedure  such as HIFU can provide treatment of the cancerous area only without damaging the entire prostate. HIFU has been shown in long term studies to preserve potency and continence and provide an excellent quality of life. 

What is HIFU?

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At HIFU Solution, helping patients and their families deal with prostate cancer is our only goal. Now is the time to move forward in treating your prostate cancer. Whether you are unsure if you have prostate cancer or you are deciding on treatment options after a diagnosis of prostate cancer, or you have failed other treatment options, we are here to help. Our expert panel of urologists have many years of experience treating prostate cancer as well as dealing with complications of other therapies. Please give us a call so that we can match you with a caring physician.

HIFU is the premier treatment option for prostate cancer around the world. It has a high success rate, minimal side effects, and excellent quality of life after treatment. At HIFU Solution  we make medical care personal again. Patients have the same friendly and experienced team to help them through the entire process. You are a part of the family, not just another number.

The problem is prostate cancer… The solution is HIFU.

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