About Us

In December 2015 within 60 days of FDA approval HIFU Solution LLC was “first in market” company to provide mobile HIFU Services nationally.

Leadership: Perinchery Narayan (Chief Medical Officer ); Gerry Schuster (Vice President Sales),

Advisory Board: Cliff Bauer (Chairman); Nick Shroff MD, Christian Chaussy MD; Stefan Thuroff MD.


Together this team has combined 100 +years of experience, in building, marketing and managing prostate cancer companies.

Perinchery Narayan, M.D., Chief Medical Officer
  • Dr. Narayan is a pioneer in the field of prostate cancer trained at University of Minnesota, Harvard Medical School, University of California,Former Chief of Urology at the University of Florida, Pioneered Cryosurgery for prostate cancer.

  • Built a mobile national Cryosurgery  company, sold to Endocare for several million dollars, subsequently acquired by Healthtronics

  • Over $1 million NIH funded research-MRI in diagnosis of prostate cancer.

  • Has patent on MRI Endorectal Probe

  • National Award AUA - Nerve Innervation of Prostate and Sphincter

  • Patent- Artificial Intelligence Nomograms in Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer

  • Published first paper on “Male Lumpectomy- Focal Therapy for Prostate Cancer” now commonly used worldwide

  • Over 25 years of academic work at universities -  Recognition at Academic centers, personal friendship with several hundred urologists in the US

  • Has published over 180 peer reviewed papers, many on prostate cancer

  • Principal investigator for Landmark Studies on Flomax - First FDA approved medication for prostate enlargement

Gerry Schuster, VP of Sales and Marketing
  • Has over 35 years of medical sales experience in field sales, middle and upper management positions with Fortune 100 companies i.e., E.R. Squibb & Sons, GE Medical, McDonald Douglas Health, & Professional Medical Systems.

  • He has had ownership in medical companies, managed corporate and independent sales forces. Has extensive knowledge of working with physicians in sales and marketing.

  • Primarily responsible along with regional Sales force for all HIFU Solution markets

  • Has an intricate knowledge of prostate cancer and  HIFU business model.

  • Is initial client contact for patients. He manages  billing and collection process.

  •  Validates the surgery center, anesthesiologist. Also mentors and motivates the new sales force.

Advisory Board
Cliff Bauer 
  • Cliff Bauer Chairman of Advisory Board, former Vice President of Sales for Sonablate USA; developed offshore model of HIFU for Sonacare medical. Over 400 Urologists have trained and treated 4,000 US men.   

  • Cliff Bauer led the Sales team that was responsible for many of the US patients treated in offshore centers.

  • Started several joint ventures in HIFU outside the country.  

  • Cliff Bauer has years of experience recruiting physicians, managing medical practices, and overseeing day-to-day treatments using HIFU.

  • Has consultancy position and ownership in lab systems, imaging ventures, and multispecialty physician groups.  Has served on public and private companies and is knowledgeable of corporate governance, audit,  compensation and legal matters.

  • He is a valuable resource to  guide HIFU Solution through fundraising, multiple center roll out, and logistics. Superior communicator and easily interacts with managers, regulatory agencies, clients and vendors.

Christian Chaussy, M.D.
  • Dr. Christian Chaussy - key member of Advisory Board - world renowned expert in HIFU therapy for prostate cancer.  

  • Responsible for 2 of the most innovative non invasive procedures that has revolutionised urologic care. Developed Shockwave Lithotripsy, standard of care for stone disease in the world.

  • Professor at UCLA , Chairman of  Department of Urology in Munich.

  • In 1996 he started HIFU for  localized Prostate Cancer - 20 year experience

  • Drs. Chaussy and Thuroff  have published many of the landmark studies that have established HIFU as a standard treatment option for prostate cancer in Europe.

  • In 2017 Dr Chaussy was given The Lifetime Achievement Award one of the highest honors of the AUA for his work on Lithotripsy and HIFU.

Stefan Thüroff, MD, PhD
  • Stefan Thüroff, MD, PhD - key member of HIFU Solution Advisory Board.

  • Dr Thüroff has over 20 years experience in minimally invasive prostate cancer at Urology Hospital in Munich, Vice Chairman  since 2001.

  • One of the Pioneers of HIFU in Europe.

  • Has performed HIFU  in over 4000 thousand patients

  • Is a world renowned expert on HIFU, has trained hundreds of physicians all over the world on HIFU.

  • Has published landmark studies on HIFU along with Dr Chaussy; responsible for developing HIFU as a standard of care option for treatment of prostate cancer in Europe and many parts of the world.

  • Highly sought after proctor, has conducted several courses for HIFU Solution at various centers in USA.

Nick Shroff, MD, FACS
  • Nick Shroff, MD FACS Consultant and Strategic planner for HIFU Solution 2015-current, (in training for HIFU proctorship).

  • Dr. Shroff is a board-certified Urologist since 1979 on urological malignancies, particularly prostate cancer.  He completed his HiFu training in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in 2004, and  Advanced Clinical Training for High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) in Indianapolis, IN in 2007.  

  • Dr. Shroff is a Fellow, American College of Surgeons, 1980-Present.

  • Head of Urology Service VA hospital in Texas 1977-1980.

  • President, Indian American Urological Association (IAUA) 200-2006

  • Served on several committees, boards, and published several articles. 

  • He belongs to the American Urological Association (AUA), the South-central Section of the American Urological Association, and the Texas Urological Association.