Patient Experience
Check out the stories below about former patients who have had a successful journey with HIFU:

“Vicki and I agreed that of all the options presented, HIFU gave us the best chances for the outcomes we both desired: non-invasive, non-surgical, no downtime; no radiation or chemotherapy; and a significantly lower chance of incontinence and ED. We wanted the peace of mind that the cancer would be eradicated and certainly did not want the worry of a watchful waiting approach. It was not a difficult decision for us. From start to finish, the entire HIFU team

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was highly professional and succeeded at making the process as easy and stress free as possible for both Vicki and me.The evening before the procedure at our orientation, nurses Brandon and Jesse explained every aspect of what we could expect. I had no complications after the procedure. The fact that I was never worried is a true reflection on how remarkable these HIFU experts are. The support of the staff continued after we returned home. I checked in with Jesse every week and he assured me that my recovery was progressing very well and my symptoms were normal. I stayed in touch with the other patient whose treatment was the same morning as mine. Our recovery experiences were surprisingly parallel. I also continued the support from the HIFU Ambassadors. They were very encouraging and affirming. I’m now at five weeks, and continue to have normal continence. It’s great to have my best friend beside me. We’re relaxed, patient, and moving forward together. Most importantly we are looking forward to many more years’ together cancer free. From both of us, a sincere and heart felt thank you to the HIFU team.” -Mark

“When I found out I had prostate cancer, I needed a treatment that would not only knock out the cancer, but also had the least chance of interfering with my life. I’m 63, but I feel like I’m 40. I’m engaged to a fantastic woman. I’m committed to my personal vitality and to helping others achieve their best. To sum it all up, I did not want a prostate cancer treatment that would put even a minor road block in my path. If we could afford it, HIFU was our choice.

When we got to the information session, our nurse, Brandon, was very informative and also personable enough to be understanding and have empathy. You could tell it’s more than just a job for him. We struck up a friendship with Brandon, and by that point I was very impressed with the company.

We got to the hospital early the next morning. We were relaxed, comfortable and had no fear. My fiancée was confident, and at no time did we have second thoughts. The hospital experience was as good as any because it was more personal.

I recently had my three month evaluation, and my PSA was a very respectable 0.92. My urologist considers this remarkable and the treatment successful. So far, I’ve already been able to introduce two other persons to HIFU. I want to be of benefit in return for how blessed I feel.” -Mac

“Got HIFU? I did, on April 13, 2012. Six weeks later I had no catheter, no incontinence, no impotence, felt completely normal and was playing golf and softball again.

From the hospital to the nursing staff, everything was outstanding. I was back in the hotel that evening and walked a mile the next day. As of today, my PSA is 0.4.” -Jim

"When we were deciding on a treatment option, my main concern was to find a treatment that would give me cancer cure with preservation of potency. Potency is the most important thing to me. Dr. N explained to me that since I had cancer on only one side of the prostate, there is a 90% chance that I would be able to retain my potency if I did a partial gland treatment. I was all for that. I would rather be treated again if the cancer comes back than to lose potency. I had my treatment in 2016 and I am currently enjoying full function." - James 

"HIFU was suggested to me by my friend when he found out I was scheduled for  robotic surgery. My doctor was not aware of HIFU and did not suggest it. But I am 59 years of age and when I found out that HIFU could treat only the cancerous area with treating the whole gland I explored further. The HIFU Solution team is professional and took care of me. Completed my treatment in FEB 2017. Have recovered potency and have no incontinence. Would recommend HIFU to men with prostate cancer-Rick