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HIFU Ablation is a technique used to treat prostate cancer. New to US the procedure has been used in Europe and other countries for 15 to 20 years. Any man with prostate cancer has several treatment options. However finding a treatment that is minimally invasive, kills the cancer cells, and prevents postoperative complications is the difficult part. The HIFU procedure  is currently the only treatment that covers most of these requirements.

  • In USA the procedure usually done under general anesthesia.

  • An endo-rectal probe is first inserted into the rectum and positioned.

  • The endo-rectal probe has 2 transducers; one to treat and one to image the prostate and surrounding nerves and vessels.

  • Using MRI image fusion and/or ultrasound images, the physician will then begin to map out the areas of the prostate to be ablated using HIFU energy.

  • The endo-rectal probe generates acoustic sound waves and precisely targets the cancerous area.

  • Acoustic waves generate heat and focus on the targeted cells.

  • Temperature quickly reaches approximately 90 degrees Celsius, which kills the cancer cells.

  • Monitoring is carried out through the treatment to ensure cancer cell kill with  preservation of rectum,bladder,sphincter and erectile nerves.


HIFU Solution offers two types of HIFU machines in the U.S. These are the Sonablate 500 and the Ablatherm HIFU Machine. Both of these machines have unique features and advantages. Physicians trained on each of these machines have preference on whether they want to do whole gland therapy or focal gland therapy. HIFU Solution leaves it up to the physicians to determine which machine serves the best needs to their patients.

HIFU Sonablate is powered by A³ Technology allowing physicians to:

  • Aim at specific tissue using ultrasound imaging and MRI fusion.

  • Ablate the targeted tissue with HIFU ablation that provides pinpoint accuracy while sparing untargeted tissue.

  • Analyze the procedure results using real-time ultrasound imaging along with advanced tissue change monitoring software.

What is HIFU?

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Ablatherm HIFU

  • Target specific tissue using integrated ultrasound imaging and sophisticated planning tools,

  • Treat targeted tissue with pinpoint accurate HIFU ablation while sparing untargeted tissue; and

  • Track procedure results using real-time ultrasound imaging.

Ablatherm HIFU

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