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Currently we have several centers in the eastern US and we are working on several more in the midwest and western part of the country. These are coming together rapidly based on physician interest and patient response. We will direct you to the physician of your choice that is closest to you from a list that we will provide. Once you give us your basic information, as outlined in the form below, which includes your diagnosis, your pathology report, PSA, and other relevant details, we will qualify you and arrange a consultation for you.

The process is as follows:

  • Currently, HIFU is self pay

  • The cost of treatment is $25,000

  • There is no code for HIFU yet

  • Medicare does not pay for HIFU

  • Some private insurances will pay on a case by case basis

  • We will work with you to see if your insurance will pay

  • We have had some success with certain BCBS insurances

We will arrange financing through a third party company for part or all of your $25,000. Once, you are qualified and have paid your fees, we will schedule your procedure at a HIFU Solution center at a time and date convenient to all.

We will have a nurse who will be available to answer all of your questions before and after the procedure. The nurse will be supplemented by our Chief medical officer and other HIFU physicians who will be available to answer detailed questions that the nurse may not be able to help you with or that you have specifically requested the doctor to answer. 

After the procedure, we will not abandon you. We will continue to answer all of your questions even though your post operative care will be conducted at your local area with your referring doctor.

For details about the day of the treatment and how the procedure is done, refer to the FAQs page by clicking here.

Now is the time to take the next step in treating your prostate cancer. Whether you are unsure if you have prostate cancer, you are in the beginning stages of prostate cancer, or you have failed other treatment options, we are here to help.

Advantages of HIFU:

  • No radiation exposure

  • Focal therapy, hemi-therapy or whole gland therapy can be performed

  • Outpatient procedure, no hospitalization

  • Epidural or spinal anesthesia is given, patient can go home the same day

  • Long term side effects are low, such as bleeding and frequency of urination

  • No cuts on the body

  • Most men are not impotent afterwards, which is common with other procedures

  • Can be performed on patients who have failed radiation

  • HIFU can be repeated in patients who have been treated already

  • Other radiation treatments or surgery can be performed along with HIFU

Call us today to learn receive your free consultation or second opinion at our toll-free number, (844) HIFU-FLA.

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